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Hight season:

December, Easter(1 month), July and August

The day: 150 US$

The week: 1000 US$


Low season:

The day: 120 US$

The week: 800 US$


Estimate personalized on request



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 handing-over of 10%for the 2° week 




The prices include


- The meals in pension supplement on board, drinks and aperitifs.
- Fuel of the engines of the sailing ship and the dinghy
- The crew
- Palms, masks, tubas
- Equipment of fishing 

  see our services


The prices do not include


- Restaurants and bars  if desired
- Possible marina or damping, custom charges
- The insurances (cancellation and individual)




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Housing in cabin double and individual bathroom, complete pension
Activities: sailing, bathes, plunged in apnea, excursions in dinghy, fishing etc.
Program " à la carte ", according to the duration of your stay. 

Initiation to sailing if you wish it

For more infos:
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