Los Roques

The archipelago of Los Roques

Map Los Castlings 

The archipelago of Los Roques is a federal dependence of Venezuela made up of approximately 50 islands, cayes or small islands located 160 km off the coasts vénezueliennes with a population of 1.500 inhabitants.

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Because of the presence of a large variety of marine birds and of a very rich watery fauna, the government transformed the archipelago in national park into 1972. The principal island is El Gran Roque (the large Rock), only habited island and where the airport is located. The other important islands are Francisqui, Nordisqui and Madrisqui y Crasqui.

Panorama Castlings

These islands recoivent approximately 58.000 visitors per year, mainly for the day coming from Caracas.





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Vahi - on Saturday August 25, 2007, with 00:41
It is as beautiful as on the photographs!
But I preferred Las Aves where, there, there is really nobody separately the birds, the fishes (and lobsters!)


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